New possibilities in project management with InLoox 6.7

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Munich-based software producer releases product update

Munich, March 9th 2011 – Munich-based InLoox, market leader in the field of integrated project management solutions for Microsoft Outlook, has released InLoox 6.7. This product update enables project team work without Microsoft Exchange Server. It also facilitates the integration of external project partners into the corporate project environment. More than 30,000 users worldwide rely on the project software InLoox.

InLoox can, now, be used with full functionality without Microsoft Exchange Server and can, also, be combined with alternative groupware servers. The InLoox contact manager, introduced in version 6.7, gives users the possibility of creating an “InLoox contact” for each project member, even if they are not available as Outlook or Exchange contacts. The InLoox contact can be allocated as a resource in a project and be notified of upcoming project tasks. The new InLoox contact manager also allows  logging-on to InLoox with a user name and password. Administrators can activate or deactivate the new InLoox contact manager, according to their individual requirements.

Integration of external project partners into the project environment

InLoox 6.7 enables project managers to include external team members into projects and provide them with the necessary authorizations. So, project partners and stakeholders without their own Windows user account in the corporate network are able to logon to the project management platform, with user name and password, regardless of whether they are using InLoox for Outlook or the mobile web client InLoox Web App. This facilitates, in particular, the integration of external project partners into the corporate project environment – an Active Directory or Exchange account is no longer necessary to have full access to InLoox. The project managers decide which access rights are allocated to the various InLoox contacts – e.g. whether they are allowed to read or create an entire project or to read and edit single project schedules, documents or project budgets. 

InLoox also introduces InLoox address books and an additional InLoox contact view. It is, also, now possible to use LDAP contacts.

More than 20 new features and improvements

Besides the InLoox contact manager and the additional user authentication, InLoox 6.7 contains even more improvements.

Performance, stability and compatibility of the InLoox product family have been improved: InLoox for Outlook and InLoox Web App are now completely 64-bit-compatible.

Customers who are still using InLoox 4 can now upgrade directly to version 6. An upgrade feature for InLoox 4 users has been added to the InLoox Options. InLoox users who work with Oracle databases can now use description fields of unlimited length. The InLoox Support Team can now provide remote support to users, who deploy InLoox Web App on an Apple Mac.

In summary, the new InLoox version 6.7 contains a range of new features and improvements which have been inspired by everyday project work and the feedback of the InLoox users. InLoox 6.7 is free-of-charge to all customers of version 6. Anyone interested in testing the software can obtain a fully-functional 30-day trial version. Both, the update and the trial versions can be found at:

About InLoox

The InLoox company was founded in 1999 in Munich and develops the professional-standard project management software, which bears the same name and is the company’s flagship product. It is fully integrated in Microsoft Outlook to streamline and accelerate business processes. More than 30,000 users in over 1,500 companies from all sectors of business, including more than 20% of the companies listed on the German DAX technology stock exchange, have put their trust in the know-how of InLoox. Well-known customers of InLoox include Charité Berlin, German Red Cross, Fraunhofer IWU, Hoffmann Group, Leonardo, Minol Messtechnik, Schenker Deutschland, SEAT, Siemens, SOS Kinderdörfer, Telecom Liechtenstein, and many more.