InLoox + Outlook

InLoox turns Outlook into a project management platform

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InLoox + Microsoft Outlook

InLoox for Outlook

InLoox is directly integrated into Microsoft Outlook and can be accessed via the additional InLoox tab added to the Outlook menu. The unique integration makes Outlook the central platform on which users collaborate, manage projects and use project reports for strategic decisions on a daily basis. InLoox for Outlook combines emails, tasks, projects, scheduling, documents and contacts.

Use Outlook elements such as calendar entries, tasks, contacts and e-mails for your projects. Create tasks or entire projects from a single email, save emails and attachments as a project document with one click, and use your contacts for resource management. This allows you to work comfortably in your familiar Microsoft Outlook environment without media disruption.

InLoox now! Tasks App

The InLoox now! Tasks app is an add-in for Outlook online and allows you to create a task from an e-mail and then use it in InLoox now! for personal and project-related task management in the team. The difference to classic Outlook tasks lies in the shared use within the team. InLoox now! Tasks can be edited, delegated and tracked together in a team. The app is exclusively available to all InLoox now! users and can be downloaded from the Microsoft AppSource.

Integrate InLoox into Your Workday and Increase Your Productivity

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