Advantages for team members

Vorteile für Teammitglieder mit InLoox
InLoox PM supports team members in their everyday project work.

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Achieve more - in less time

InLoox is the modern solution to everyday project work. It is based on Microsoft Outlook - Office users are therefore used to the handling from the very beginning. InLoox supports and accelerates not only classical project time planning, but also everyday work steps, such as e-mail writing, time booking and document filing in a very comfortable way.

Avoid to switch between applications

You can see upcoming tasks and important milestones at any time with InLoox, for example out of the calendar or the task list. Thus, there is just one overview of all upcoming activities. Manage your projects, plans, budgets, mind maps and documents without media breaks and without leaving Outlook - all relevant information is stored in one central place. By doing without duplicate copies and detours you increase your personal output without any extra effort.

Improve the flow of communication

With InLoox, you stay informed, whether in the office or on the go with InLoox PM Web App. You receive changes to the original project plan instantly via e-mail or InLoox notification. This facilitates team work and prevents miscommunication. InLoox can communicate progress reports directly to the project plan and to the relevant project directors if you wish.

A solution from real life

InLoox was developped out of real life for real life. At the heart of the solution there is efficient and comfortable project management for everyday business, not a complex application. By various proven templates and intelligent tools, InLoox offers clear added value for beginners, advanced users and project management pros.