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A reliable projec planner is indispensible when it comes to successfully delivering project results and goals. With the help of a project planning software, it is very easy to keep track of any project's cost-value ratio both during the planning and realization phase of the business undertaking. This facilitates effective project planning and execution with less effort. Find out how InLoox PM project planning software can help you achieve better project results in fewer steps.

Plan and track any project with InLoox project planning software solutions and maintain an overview of important deadlines, milestones, time, resource expenditures, and budget developments. With the flexible and reliable project planner solutions made by InLoox, you have all essential project information at hand, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Achieve successful project delivery and surprise your customer with a result that goes beyond the deliverables. Even better: Organize your project plan and resources perfectly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and make your daily project planning tasks an integral part of your work routing with Outlook integrated project planning.

InLoox Project Planner: user-friendly and reliable

InLoox project planner

The Outlook integrated project timeline provides an overview of your entire project phases. You gain a quick overview of what are the next, most important steps to take in the organization of your project plan. Thanks to the continuous overview and scheduling of all your projects, you can take the right measures at the right time for shorter reaction times. You ensure a smoothly running project execution.

You can define individual phases for every project, create and assign tasks as well as determine project milestones. And to make it even easier, you can organize every aspect of your project portfolio directly in Microsoft Outlook.

Strong project planning features:

  • Dependencies
  • Constraints
  • Lag-time
  • Critical path
  • Progress in percent
  • Multi-project view
  • Link to documents
  • Notifications

If you work on recurring projects, you can duplicate and customize existing project plans to speed up the planning process. InLoox allows you to import existing project plans from Microsoft Project for further editing. For meetings, simply export the project plan as an image and use it in your presentation.

With InLoox it is extremely easy to print your project plan directly from within the project planning software; InLoox supports a multitude of print formats such as the letter format and DIN A4 format.

InLoox focuses on delivering practical solutions for your business needs. Therefore, the InLoox project planning features as well as the option to use Outlook contact entries and a continuous plan-actual comparison of project expenses are integral parts of our project planner software.

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Finish projects on time in fewer steps! Discover how InLoox can help you optimize your project planning.

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