InLoox PM 8.2 (October 28th 2014)

InLoox PM 8.2 (October 28th 2014)


-          Fixed calculation of project figures

-          Removed deleted projects from „Recent Projects“

-          Fixed custom fields handling

-          Fixed Copy/Paste issue between projects

-          Fixed resource assignment to mind map nodes

-          Improved project list loading

-          Fixed import of planning templates

-          Fixed project card view printing issue

-          Fixed exception when deleting a dashboard

-          Fixed exception in document preview

-          Fixed search function in address book dialog

-          Improved saving and overwriting of InLoox views

-          Refreshing budget items in project has been fixed

-          Edit budget items via multi selection has been fixed

-          Add conditional formatting to Outlook 2007

-          Italian translation has been improved

-          Fixed issue in planned expenses budget

-          Improved in performance, permissions and custom dates of the history feature