Customize the InLoox PM language files in InLoox 7 Web App

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InLoox PM Web App uses so-called resource files for all texts and messages that are displayed. These are located in the program folder on the InLoox PM Web App client. If you want to adapt the displayed texts and messages to the requirements of your company you have to modify them in the resource files. These are located in the program folder on the InLoox Web App server.

List of the language files (delivery staus)

File name



Standard language (English)

German-language version

Please follow these steps to customize the InLoox PM Web App resource files:

  1. Open the relevant language file with the InLoox Resource Editor. This tool can be found in the Download area of the InLoox PM website.
  2. Make the required changes to the file and save it.
  3. Test the changes on the InLoox PM Web App user interface.