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  • Central platform for project and day-to-day business
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  • Over 60,000 happy customers worldwide
  • Over 20 years of software expertise

Who we are

InLoox was founded in 1999 and develops project management software integrated in Microsoft Outlook that simplifies and accelerates business processes. The convenient Outlook integration makes InLoox the central platform for project and day-to-day business. The product portfolio currently consists of the two product lines InLoox PM for the installation in your own network and the cloud solution InLoox now!. Our core business is selling software licenses and services, which include consulting, training, implementation and support for our software solutions. InLoox, Inc. is based in San Francisco, USA. The company operates worldwide and is represented, on a regional level, by the InLoox Partner Network

Over 60,000 customers on five continents

InLoox enables customers in a multitude of industries based in over 60 countries worldwide. InLoox customers include AVIS, CHRIST Wash Systems, German Red Cross, LIEBHERR, Novartis, Pentax Europe, STOROpack, SEAT, Siemens, US Airways, Verizon and many more. 

At a glance

Managing directors

Dr. Andreas Tremel & Dr. Tiziano Panico


None, 100% privately owned

Office locations

San Francisco (USA) & Munich (Germany)

Management team

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We are an owner-managed company

We strive to create a workspace that enables our team to work together effortlessly. 


We work future- & goal-oriented

Our goal is to continually develop InLoox further and to shape the future world of project management. 


We really love innovation

We are alway on the search for new and innovative technologies to empower our customers to be more productive and to work better. 


We are 100% privately owned

By avoiding venture capital, we can set a long-term focus on sustainable and continuous product development.  

Dr. Andreas Tremel, Mitgründer & Geschäftsführer der InLoox GmbH

With InLoox we offer a central and cross-device platform for modern project work.

Our goal is to provide the best solution to empower teams, project managers and executives to better structure their daily work and to complete projects efficiently and successfully."

Dr. Andreas Tremel, co-founder and owner of InLoox

Our journey



Tremel Digital Solutions GbR



IQ medialab GmbH



Renaming in InLoox GmbH

Originally, ‘InLoox’ was a play on words that was also an abbreviation of ‘integrated into Outlook’. 



Foundation of InLoox Inc.

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El propósito de InLoox como software de gestión de proyectos es ayudar a su equipo en la programación de los proyectos, en la planificación de los proyectos, en la gestión de los recursos, en el seguimiento de los proyectos, en la gestión de las tareas, en la gestión del tiempo y en la colaboración en proyectos.
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