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1. Product documents


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InLoox price list

US prices

EU prices

Product information

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New features in InLoox 10
InLoox 10 product folder
Comparison between InLoox PM & InLoox now!
Benefits of InLoox now!
InLoox now! security

Product presentation

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Product presentation InLoox for Outlook
Product presentation InLoox Web App

Additional resources

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Benchmark: Assessment of InLoox features
Amortization calculator: Estimation of savings potential with InLoox PM

2. Help Resources

First steps guides

Description of the most important first steps with

  • InLoox PM: After the successful installation of the InLoox PM Workgroup or Enterprise Server an InLoox PM for Outlook and/or InLoox PM Web App
  • InLoox now!: After you have successfully created your InLoox now! account
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InLoox PM 10.x First steps
InLoox now! 10.x First steps
InLoox now! 10.x How to invite team members to your account

Installation guides

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InLoox PM 10.x client installation guides
InLoox PM 10.x server installation guides

Configuration guides

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InLoox PM 10.x configuration guide for Microsoft SQL Server
InLoox PM 10.x configuration guide for Microsoft SQL Server using SQL authentication
Migrating InLoox PM 9.x from MySQL or Oracle to MS SQL

Upgrade guide

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Upgrade from InLoox PM 9.x to InLoox PM 10.x

3. Additional Resources: InLoox Architecture & Integrations

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InLoox architecture
InLoox connectivity, authentication & location of data
SharePoint Part 1: Connection to InLoox architecture
SharePoint Part 2: Configuration & trouble shooting

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