Here you can find InLoox in Outlook

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You work with Microsoft Outlook most of the day, this is why we want to make sure that you can easily access InLoox directly from within Microsoft Outlook.

Note The InLoox for Outlook Modern Add-in is the successor to the classic COM add-in.


InLoox for Outlook: Modern Add-in

The InLoox for Outlook add-in equips your email program with a practical side panel.  

InLoox for Outlook side panel

This allows you to keep an eye on your current and upcoming tasks, create new tasks, edit existing ones or start time tracking with the stopwatch.

Use the gear icon to access the InLoox settings or invite colleagues to collaborate.

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InLoox for Outlook: Classic COM add-in

Info As Microsoft will no longer be developing the technology of the COM add-in in the future, the InLoox for Outlook COM Add-in is in maintenance mode and no new functions will be added. We recommend that you do not use the classic COM Add-in if your work processes can also be handled with the new InLoox 11 Web App and the Modern Add-in. Learn more »

The InLoox for Outlook client offers the following access options:

  • Direct access via the Outlook menu bar: After installation, the InLoox 11 tab appears in the Outlook menu bar:

    Tab InLoox 11

    To help you work faster with InLoox, four InLoox buttons are added to the home tab (Recent Projects, Create Task, Save Email, Track Time):

    InLoox options on the Home tab

  • Access via the tree structure: InLoox integrates seamlessly into the left-hand side of the Outlook screen, directly below your inbox for quick access.

    Here you can find InLoox in Outlook in the tree structure

  • Access the settings: Click on File to access the settings. Above the general Outlook options you will find the InLoox settings, recognizable by the InLoox logo to the left. Clicking on it will take you to the web app, from where you can manage the settings centrally.

    Here you can find the InLoox Settings

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