How do I set up InLoox now! for Outlook?

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I have created an InLoox now! account and want to work with the Outlook client. How can I download and set up InLoox now! for Outlook?


After you have created your InLoox now! account in your browser, you will be redirected to InLoox now! Web App. There you can download the so-called Outlook client to get InLoox now! for Outlook up and running.

IMPORTANT Close Microsoft Outlook before you download and install the InLoox now! for Outlook client.

  1. Click on the Outlook Client button in the upper right corner.  

    An .exe file will now be downloaded.
  2. Double-click the .exe file and click Run.
  3. Agree to the license agreement and click Install. The installation may take a few minutes.

  4. After the setup is complete, click Start. Microsoft Outlook will now open.

  5. When you start InLoox via Outlook for the first time, the setup dialog opens automatically. You can also open the setup dialog later via File >> InLoox now >> Start Setup Wizard.

    Select InLoox now! and click Next.

    a. Afterwards you can log in to an existing account using your email address. Finally, enter your password. If the connection to InLoox now! is set up correctly, the following dialog appears. You can now work with InLoox now!

    b. If you want to create a new account for InLoox now! click on Create new account.

    Now enter your name, e-mail address and a password and click on Create new account. You also have the option to create an account via Office 365.

You can now access InLoox now! via the Projects item in the navigation bar in the folder area (bottom left) as well as via the InLoox now! tab (top) to access InLoox now!.

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