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Gestión de proyectos en su red

Project Management in your network with InLoox PM

Projektmanagement in Microsoft Outlook und Web

Integrated in Microsoft Outlook

With InLoox PM you plan and manage your projects directly in Microsoft Outlook - without switching programs or media discruptions. Use the Outlook features directly for your project management, combined with our web application or as your stand-alone solution.


In your browser

Access your project data from any device with an internet connection - with the InLoox PM Web App. Use the online project software as your stand-alone solution or in combination with InLoox PM for Outlook and connect freelancers and scattered team members. 

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InLoox PM is your preferred solution, if you ...

  • ... want to purchase a one-time charge license.
  • ... want to take advantage of a non-expiring license.
  • ... want to install software on your own hardware.
  • ... want unrestricted access to your data at all times.
  • ... want to keep your data on your company servers.

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Better planning

Are we making good progress? Can we meet the deadline? Where could we run into difficulties? InLoox PM increases planning certainty and keeps you up to date about project progress - in real time, wherever you are.

Besser planen mit InLoox PM
Besser zusammenarbeiten mit InLoox PM

Better collaboration

It's great to see tasks and work packages intertwine. With InLoox PM, every team member knows what needs to get done until when and sees the overall progress of the team at a glance. 

Better documentation

Each project generates piles of documents that need to be filed. InLoox PM helps you bring order into your documentation chaos. You can assign documents to projects and have all your important files ready when you need them.

Besser dokumentieren mit InLoox PM
Besser durchblicken mit InLoox PM

Better insights

Avoid loosing track in even the biggest and most complex projects. InLoox PM has got your back and alerts you to critical deadlines, possible  overspending or upcoming stages of completion. You can react quickly and will always feel in control.

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