Add and edit project documents

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Work with file links to save storage space and avoid duplicates. File links don’t occupy storage space, as documents aren’t saved directly in Microsoft Outlook or on the Exchange Server.

Please note: The access permissions of the original document still exist in InLoox equally whether you upload the document or you work with file links. If you add a file from a protected network folder or SharePoint store to the InLoox storage, still only authorized users can read and update it. Therefor always take the access permissions of the original document into consideration, when uploading it to the InLoox storage.


How to add a document

1. Open an existing project and click on Documents in the Start tab.

2. Click on the Edit tab and then on the arrow icon below New

How to add a new document

Choose between:

3. Afterwards the new document is displayed in the document list of your project. 


How to edit a document

1. Choose the document you want to edit from the document list.

2. Open the Edit tab and click on Edit. A side panel opens on the right side. Here you can enter important information regarding the document. 

How to edit a document

3. Add information in the General area.


4. You can create links to other project elements (like mind maps, tasks …) in the Links area.


5. In the Notifications area you can inform other persons, like the project manager, about new documents or changes in already existing documents.


6. When you have finished editing the document, close the side panel on the right side next to the General area. Your changes will be saved automatically.