Problem solving

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Problem solving is a basic task for the project management. It is a process for developing and applying a solution for the occurred problems. The probability of the success rises, if a particular method is implemented to the project work. The problem solving can be described in the following steps. First of all it is necessary to determine the actual status or problem definition. The next step is the applying of the solution process. And the last step is the achievement of the wanted actual status.

First, a clear picture of the situation to be changed is necessary. It should be thereby clearly defined, which objective should be achieved. And the question is: “Why this project is to be performed; which objective it serves?” The initial situation, objects, purpose and scenario of the project are to be analyzed to answer this question and to define therefore the project. The initial situation illustrates the project situation. The project purpose places the project in the subordinated context. The object description enables project measurability and transparency of the target tracking. The scenario or project structure plan divides the whole project into work packages to effectively accomplish project objects.

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