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Der Weg zur Erreichung der Projektziele

Project plan contains the scheduling activities, their processing times and completion dates. Its creation is one of the tasks of the project manager. After that, the project plan defines the resources needed to perform tasks. There are schedules such as date list, bar chart and network in a project. Each of these plans should be adapted to the project structure plan, to the the structure of the tasks in a project.

The project plan should also define the responsibilities of the participants and the date of the completion of the subtasks. The milestones should be thereby used that are already defined by the customer and confirmed by the note “relieved”. This increases the assurance that the project management is on the right way. For the simple projects the date list is used as a time planning method instead of milestone plan. For the complex projects at first the Gantt chart can be used and at last the network additionally.

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