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Mitglieder des Projektteams

Project staff means a group of persons involved in a project and belong to the project team. A project group always consists of the project manager (leader) and persons that are charged by the project manager for the task implementation in a project.

The core project team is thereby distinguished. It consists of the project manager and the project group that are responsible for the project execution. The project group is composed of the core team and other persons that are charged only for certain tasks or phases in a project. There are permanent staff, who always works on a project and belongs to the project team, and temporary staff, the specialists that are not engaged for the whole project duration. The participants of the core team can also decide who can be a speaker compared to a supervisor of the project.

The project group should be as small as possible. The project manager determines the project members for the duration of the project. It is very important to note, that all areas are represented in a project team. They are also disciplinary led by a project manager during the project.

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